Berg Pallet Fork Rear
Berg Front Lifting Unit
Berg Rear Lifting Unit
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Berg Go Kart Pallet Fork + Front or Rear Lifting Unit

Price: 199.00

In-store | Call 041 98 27088

The pallet fork is used in combination with the lifting unit. This prepares your pedal go-kart for the heavier work. Supplied complete with a real pallet, so that you can get going straight away.


Length 49,5 cm
Width 58,5 cm
Height 27 cm
Weight 5,5 kg


Use the lifting unit to attach one of the other accessories to the front of your pedal go-kart! This way you’re not just able to ride, but also to actually set to work with your pedal go-kart. The playtime possibilities are suddenly expanded, for example with the blade.



Length 99 cm
Width 37,5 cm
Height 27 cm
Weight 5,8 kg
This rear lifting unit really works! Attach the pallet fork or the lift bucket to the back of your pedal go-kart and the possibilities are endless.


Length 73,5 cm
Width 41,5 cm
Height 27,5 cm
Weight 5,7 kg