John Deere Walk Behind Mowers

John Deere offer a tailored solution for every garden size and type and we've listed a few of the many great features from John Deere to help you decide which one is right for you!

The READYSTART® engine system allows for simple starting with the recoil rope. No priming, no choke, no problem!

The TurboStar System ensures a precision cut and great collection every time. Even in damp conditions, the air flow generated by the blade draws the grass up straight before cutting; it also removes leaves from your lawn. After cutting, the air vacuum blows the clippings into the collection bag smoothly and efficiently.

Price: 427.00 399.00

The John Deere R40 entry-level walk behind petrol mower is perfect for gardens up to 700 m² due to it's compact size and maneuverability. Bearing a 2.1kW engine, 40 cm cutting width and TurboStar, it's an ideal mower

Price: 551.00 520.00

Make mowing a breeze with the John Deere Run 41. Ideal for gardens up tp 800 m², it's reliable and easy to use with a cutting width of 41 cm and a 2.3kW engine

Price: 657.00 599.00

The John Deere Run 46 is excellent for gardens up to 1200 m² with it's 46 cm cutting width and powerful 2.3kW engine, it powers through the mowing with ease

Price: 664.00 599.00

Packing a 2.6kW engine and 43 cm cutting width, the John Deere R43 makes light work of gardens up to 800 m² in size. Powerful and easy to handle

Price: 784.00 699.00

With it's 51 cm cutting width and 2.6kW engine, the John Deere Run 51 is ideal for larger gardens up to 2200 m² and makes light work of mowing

Price: 921.00 799.00

Matching the specs of the R43 with it's 43 cm cutting width and powerful 2.6kW engine, the John Deere R43S adds single speed functionality so you don't have to push. Perfect for gardens up to 800 m²

Price: 903.00 799.00

The John Deere JS63V is a self propelled, variable speed, mulching powerhouse! Packing a whopping 3.2 kW engine and 53 cm cutting width, it is perfect for gardens up to 2000 m² in size. A real time and effort saver.

Price: 1,026.00 920.00

Featuring a roller at the back the John Deere R43RS will give your garden that classic strip effect. Ideal for gardens up to 1000 m² the 2.4kW engine, 43 cm cutting width and single speed function will ensure you get the perfect finish even on raised borders

Price: 1,082.00 950.00

The John Deere R47S takes care of gardens up to 1400 m² with a powerful and efficient 2.6 kW engine and 47 cm cutting width. Featuring TurboStar and ReadyStart systems, this single-speed powerhouse is a dream to use

Price: 1,159.00 999.00
Price: 1,130.00 999.00

For extra maneuverability and ease of use the self propelled and variable speed John Deere JS63VC sports front caster wheels and the ability to add a rear collector or side discharge. The huge 3.2 kW engine and large 53 cm cutting width can maintain gardens up to 2000 m² with ease

Price: 1,223.00 1,100.00
Price: 1,301.00 1,199.00
Price: 1,683.00 1,450.00
Price: 1,701.00 1,490.00
Price: 1,754.00 1,550.00