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John Deere X590 - Out of Stock

Price: 13,628.00

Mow slopes with more confidence, get out of tough situations, and make garden tasks easier. The X590 Multi-Terrain Tractor travels where you need to go, and does the heavy-duty work you need it to. How? Its wide stance enhances stability on hillsides. Traction can be increased simply by pressing a pedal. Its heavy duty frame combined with the high capacity engine and on board deck levelling assures the best performance and results every time.

Multi-terrain. Multi-talented. The X590 Multi-Terrain Tractor.

  • Excellent power and performance
  • Heavy-duty welded frame
  • Power steering
  • Hydraulic deck lift
Recommended Mowing Area m²Over 8000
Mower Cutting Width48 Edge Xtra (122 cm / 48 in)
54 Edge Xtra (137 cm / 54 in)
Engine Power17.1 kW / 3350 rpm
Speed11.6 km/h (7.2 mph) Forward